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Feel the Bite

Lawrence Gunther is the host of Feel the Bite TV and the Blue Fish Radio show. An engaging public speaker and author, he earned his Masters in Environmental Studies in spite of being registered blind at age eight. Lawrence worked as a commercial fisher of Cod along Canada’s east coast, invented the world’s first fishing boat for the blind, and is now one of Canada’s top sponsored professional fishers having competed in over 100 tournaments. Lawrence has recently completed researching, writing and filming a documentary exploring Canada’s most significant fish habitat issues. He’s the founder of “Blue fish Canada”, a charity dedicated to the future of fish and fishing

Feel the Bite

Feel the Bite

Lawrence Gunther, North America’s only totally blind professional fisher, is the host of Feel the Bite TV and a popular speaker and author. Lawrence’s insights probe beneath the waves offering the audience a deeper appreciation of what lies below. Understanding Fish behaviour, introducing new techniques and equipment, and tips on how to make sense of what can be learned through touch, smell, taste and sound, inform fishers to better feel the bite. Meet Lawrence, his guide dog Moby, and receive a personalized braille card.

Blue Fish Radio

The Blue Fish Radio show features subjects and people of special interest to the future of fish and fishing. Notable past interviewees include the NOAA Director of Sustainable Fisheries, Ontario's Environment Commissioner, the CEOs of Trout Unlimited and the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the World Wildlife Foundation's VP of ocean policy, and numerous leading researchers and local experts in the field of fish biology, aquatic habitat and sustainable management. Each episode of Blue Fish Radio is streamed on the internet 6-times each week over WRVO Outdoor Radio; broadcast 5-times each week by AMI Audio over cable TV and XMSirius; featured on Outdoor Canada Magazine's website and social media channels, and transcribed for the deaf. Each week over 100,000 listeners enjoy the show in addition to audiences reached through links to episodes established on numerous websites and Facebook pages. You can learn more about the show by visiting, or about the host, Lawrence Gunther, at

Blue Fish Canada

Blue Fish Canada is a registered Canadian charity focussed on the future of fish and fishing in Canada. Informing and empowering Canadians to become champions of their aquatic ecosystems, Blue Fish Canada supports individuals and organizations to become more effective aquatic stewards. Stop by the Blue Fish Canada booth and pick up your free “Shoreline Clean-Up Kit” and “Guide to Aquatic Stewardship”.

Blind Fishing Boat

Blinded at age eight, Lawrence Gunther went on to invent the world’s first fishing boat for the blind. Having fished commercially for 13 years hand-lining Cod off Canada’s east coast, and having competed in over 100 competitive fishing tournaments, Lawrence is now one of Canada’s top sponsored fishing professionals. Stop by the Blind Fishing Boat booth, meet Lawrence and his guide dog Moby, and receive a free personalized braille card.