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The first Canadian National Sportsmen's Show took place in Toronto in 1948. A group of sporting enthusiasts under the leadership of world-famous outdoorsman, author and dedicated conservationist, Frank Kortright, were responsible for an event that would eventually evolve into the Toronto Sportsmen's Show. Kortright saw the approaching environmental crisis and resolved to do something about it, long before it became a worldwide issue. He devoted the latter part of his life, his full attention and abundant energies toward the cause of protecting the wild animals of the fields, the forests, the waters and the skies. In so doing, he created for all Canadians a legacy that will be appreciated by many generations to come

Canadian National Sportsmen's Shows grew from Frank Kortright's vision. Today, it is a not for profit corporation and Canada's largest producer of outdoor shows.

The Ottawa Boat Show is the largest boat show in the Ottawa/ Rideau Region, with an unrivalled selection of boats from powerboats, fishing, cruisers, pontoons to canoes and kayaks. The Ottawa Boat show showcases the best in the Region for boating accessories, cottage living, docks and so much more!